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Live & Flourish

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 Our clients say…

I don’t feel overwhelmed or paralyzed anymore
My pain disappeared
Now I know what to do when I feel anguish or stressed
I felt a huge sense of relief
I feel calmer and much better
I feel clearly less tension so I can think clearly and feel confident in what I do
This practice brought calmness and mindfulness at work and home
Now I am more focused and confident

Ready to transform your life?

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You will…

  • feel confident & strong

  • stop feeling overwhelmed

  • communicate efficiently

  • improve personal & professional relationships

  • be focused to succeed

  • relax your body to release pain, allowing health to happen

  • experience calmness & clarity

  • sleep better


Create a NEW PERSONAL REALITY. Feel empowered to kick negative emotions of anxiety, frustration, anger, jealousy, sadness and be the best version of yourself


Introducing your online & in-person experiences

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Experiencias en línea y en persona para ti



Powered with Mindfulness Programs, Visualizations
and Guided Meditations


2 ways to reprogram your mind and free yourself from negative thinking, reactions and behavioral patterns are
’Hypnosis’ and ‘Repetition’ (Dr. Bruce Lipton)

3 effective tools, which include the above, to create that real and sustained desired change are:

  • VISUALIZATIONS (guided meditations)

  • REPETITION (positive affirmations & new habits)











Video guides and audio meditations designed to re-enforce new neurological pathways


Designed for



People and bottom lines count most. Executives & their teams will perform better, not through a pep talk, but through our ‘Mindfulness for You’ programs that will allow them to reach an optimal state of flow.


You will transform your “old self” into a new one to create a new personal reality: Including your emotions, health, relationships, work, etc. Say goodbye to what you don’t want to live anymore.

Session at Shrines Hospital


Staff & patients will learn to connect with their optimal state of being. Participants will change how they feel and respond to life. As a result of a new approach, their physical and emotional states will improve. (Page coming)

Session at Nichols Library


Stressed students & faculty are affected in their wellbeing and efficiency. Our programs reinforce confidence, clarity and balance. Empowered people handle emotions of anxiety, fear, anguish and anger far better. (Page coming)