Gaby de la Mora

Growing up in the bustling and colorful surroundings of Mexico City, Gabriela holds masters degrees in art, religions and psychotherapy, and degrees in communication and history. She is a certified Life Coach and a Human and Universal Energy healing practitioner. Gabriela's profound commitment focuses on providing individuals, communities and groups with the necessary tools and methods to achieve a consistent personal development that translates into fulfillness, professional and social success.



In her roles as



TV Anchor

For nearly two decades Gabriela has moderated numerous health and culture related programs on national TV in Mexico’s broadcasting corporations. Among them cultural Channel 11, Televisa, TV Mexiquense, TV Formula, DGTVE, and the art and cultural Channel 22. As a result of her professional and social commitment, in 2011, she received the “Woman of the Year” award.

Radio Host

ESPN DEPORTES, a Chicago area affiliate of ESPN, delivers local and syndicated Spanish sports talk radio programs. As a contributing guest host, Gaby brings real life stories, practical recommendations and examples of how to live a better life on a daily basis.

Through her colloquial, pleasant and warm language, Gaby shares practical ways with the Hispanic audience in the United States, of how to feel confident, healthy, creative, successful and happy.

As the host of her own weekend program "Expresiones", Gaby will soon be sharing unique interviews and inspiring stories as well as different expressions of art and folklore.

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Psychotherapist, Life Coach & Sound Therapist

A licensed Life Coach, Counselor and Gong Master, Gabriela utilizes elements of her comprehensive 5-stage ‘Mindfulness for You’ program. Her innovative ways combine her studies in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Life Coaching as well as Human and Universal Energy, with gongs and other sound tools. As a bilingual therapist at DG Counseling Inc., she guides adults, teenagers and couples in the re-connection and expansion of their being.

By applying her unique 3-prong approach in her one-on-one sessions for adults, teenagers and couples. clients repeatedly experience sustained happiness, success and fulfillment. She furthermore facilitates group sessions for transformation, integration and evolution, and works with Hispanic communities and other nationalities. Her services are also available online.

Corporations equally benefit from her multifaceted expertise. Gabriela facilitates large group gong meditations and workshops focused on mindfulness, stress management, creativity, productivity and commitment. Her clients include the International Meeting Organizers, Inbursa, Financiera Finsol, the GRMA Forum 2017, Labor Solutions, Smalley and others.

Public Speaker & Author

Gabriela has been facilitating workshops, conferences and one-on-one consultations since 2003 at the Carlos Slim foundation. As a communicator of health and balance, she wrote a column in Milenio News for several years, and directed projects such as “The Health Ambassadors” in social media under the Federal Secretariat of Health. In 2009 she published her first book “Un Minuto para Ti”.

She incorporates and applies her extensive experience as a guide and coach in corporations, foundations, communities, political projects and women's groups. Throughout her career, Gaby’s life and health-coaching programs and other socially transcendental projects continually focus on community strengthening.