6 Session Package Life Coaching consultation via Skype

6 Session Package Life Coaching consultation via Skype


Thrive in receiving the uplifting and inspiring energy from an invigorating 6-hour session Life Coaching consultation package. Enjoy the benefits of an infusion with powerful energy and fresh outlook from the comfort and convenience of your own surroundings.

Whether at home, office, the outdoors or elsewhere, empower yourself with 6-hour life coaching segments with licensed Life Coach Gabriela de la Mora.

Please note that the price shown is for six (6) 60 minute consultation sessions and a bonus package

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6-session package benefits you will gain from working with Gaby


In your 1st session you will:

  • become the observer of your own negative emotional patterns of vulnerability, fear, anguish, frustration, sadness, stress and apprehensions

  • transform them on a subconscious level

  • learn to Identify and break with your limiting & painful patterns

  • gain the ability to identify mental traps

  • be able to replace these traps with empowering emotions that drive success


In your 2nd session you will:

  • recognize and know the aspects of your your complete being

  • become aware and clearly recognize which of those aspects have been neglected through practices like “The Wheel of Life”

  • understand the importance and way to create a balance

  • by knowing how to balance your being, you will stop experiencing the sensation of lacking “something” in your life. Lack is a sensation that pushes us to fall into sadness, anguish, compulsions, co-dependent relationships, addictions etc.


In your 3rd session you will :

  • understand how your conscious and unconscious mind works

  • be able to make it your best ally, instead of it being your worst enemy

  • know and understand all about limiting beliefs

  • learn 4 essential practices of how to transform them into positive and empowering ones


In your 4th session you will:

  • create your own daily program with specific practices that will be applied and reinforced as your new habits

  • apply these activities to build your new personal experience

  • apply this new dynamic and reinforce new neurological pathways, leading to experiencing your new Self


In your 5th session you will:

  • release unconscious blockages

  • better integrate your conscious and unconscious mind by applying 2 jungian practices: ‘Free flow of words’ and ‘The creation of a Mandala’

  • better understand and know all about meditation and how to do it


In your 6th session you will:

  • learn all about "ANCHORING" - one of the core NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques in the process of personal transformation

  • as a result, be able to attract a certain optimal emotional state or positive emotion such as happiness, relaxation, confidence, and empower yourself to reach any goal

  • practice to 'install and anchor'

  • be able to connect right away with your new self of confidence, peace, strength, joy, inspiration and drive

Bonus session: Emotional Fitness


You will learn how to:

  • be an emotionally - fit person in order to change your personal reality

  • recognize patterns that make people emotionally unfit: patterns that make people feel frustrated, unhappy, depressed, angry, sorry for themselves etc.

  • recognize patterns that make people emotionally fit: patterns that make people be compassionate, playful, physically passionate, emotionally strong, spiritually balanced etc.


If you want to change your relationship with life, with yourself and others, you have to master your own emotions.

Emotions shape your life and...

  • you will learn 3 key recommendations

  • you will learn and follow three main steps

  • you will reinforce two fundamental practices that will allow you to create a true change in your personal reality

Upon purchase, we will contact you with convenient scheduling options for your 1st session