Be in FLOW

Customized methods, tools and practices designed for groups and communities

When executives and their teams are not performing to the best of their abilities, what they probably don’t need is a slap on the hand or a pep talk. Instead they need to integrate mindfulness-based concepts and approaches in order to gain emotional intelligence which assists them to reach an optimal state of flow…



Our workshops and teachings are designed for staff members as well as patients. They are based on practical and powerful methods that include specific ways of breathing, affirmations, visualizations, sound-therapy, and implementation of anchors which lead to connecting with an optimal state of being. All are founded on and support a positive view and appreciation of oneself, others and life at large...


Academic Institutions

For students and faculty alike, individuals that experience constant high levels of stress which affect their intellectual as well as social skills and harm their physical and mental health. Participants of our programs learn and practice specific self-care skills, tools and methods so they may constructively cope with negative or challenging experiences arising in academic environments.