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Identify, understand and integrate essential aspects of your past in order to understand your present…and create your new personal reality


Live One-on-One therapy consultations & Life Coaching sessions from the convenience of your home, office or other location

in English or spanish

Reap the benefits from working with your personal coach guiding you through the traps and brakes of habits and ‘old thought’ thinking


discover and utilize essential elements leading to a happier life



Audio Meditations | English

Conveniently accessible on your mobile devices


Our guided audio meditations are ideal tools for assisting you to deeply relax and recharge

in English and Spanish

Audio Meditations | Spanish

Your portable personal support tools


Powerful vehicles for visualization. Essential for solidifying new paradigms & forming a new personal reality



Daily Practices & Reminders Videos



Select from a variety of short and simple ‘Daily Practices & Reminders’ or from our multi-segment ‘Mindfulness for You’ series which provides you with ground breaking personal transformation guidance.

Featuring powerful NLP methods and techniques from Jungian and Ericksonian based practices that aid viewers in their process of personal change, reminding them of time proven truths leading to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

in English and Spanish

Mindfulness for You Video Series


Simple, effective, powerful techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and inner blockages