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Individual One-on-One Sessions

Our Life Coaching Sessions

which encompass a sequence of 6 sessions with specific themes and tools for you to learn and apply in every aspect of your being: physical, intellectual, emotional, personal, family, professional and social; improving your approach to life.

Our Life-therapy sessions

give you the space and time for you to overcome fears and many other painful emotions while transforming limiting beliefs. You will see, feel and live your life differently. After all it is your ticket to the most wonderful experiences ever.

Our Sound Therapy with Gongs

is a unique opportunity for you to feel your own essence of love, peace, harmony and joy: raising your vibrations to a higher level for you to heal yourself and to connect with the energy of life which is of wisdom and perfection…




Mindfulness for You Small Group Sessions

Stage 1- Integration

Learn how to create peaceful moments for yourself and experience your true Self, which is the first step toward awareness; explore the mind - your best friend or worst enemy; apply ways to create balance in your life. You then will be able to integrate all, which will serve as portal to living a mindful life. (Soon you will be able to download these sessions).

Stage 2 - Expansion

Experience a personal reset via applied practice and create a life plan: A map to your ideal life.

Stage 3 - Flow

Undergo a journey through every chakra and renew yourself completely. Let go of negative emotions, which are painful patterns we tend to repeat.


Each of the 3 stages consists of 6 individual sessions and feature tools that are expertly designed to guide participants along in the process of creating a new personal reality for themselves.



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