Business leaders know that emotionally highly committed employees try harder and are more likely to stay…

Today’s average employee is stressed beyond what anyone could have imagined just a couple of decades ago. Technology has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, having the capacity to increase our productivity and decrease it by causing constant distractions. The result of chronic stress many executives and their teams experience adversely affect any organization.



Employee’s positive beliefs about themselves and the organization greatly
contribute to the degree of emotional commitment.



Emotional hygiene at work helps companies maximize employee engagement and minimize turnover...


The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace are significant and manifold as mindful employees possess an improved ability to focus, pay better attention, and display more community-oriented behaviors. In addition, mindful employees can save companies a lot of money.

  • Mindfulness promotes innovation

  • Mindfulness reduces stress-related expenses

  • Mindfulness boosts productivity and soft skills



Not all corporate mindfulness programs deliver the results they promise.

This may be because they miss using a multi-faceted approach addressing the whole person, or are driven by technology only.

Our approach combines and applies aspects from psychology, life coaching, and sound therapy, hands on – in person. Creating a psycho-acoustic gateway allows us to access the subconscious and transform negative beliefs - a major impediment to the growth of any company - into positive ones by utilizing messages that are specific to your management team and its workforce.

Our client specific custom-tailored and bilingual one-on-one or group oriented programs assist leadership teams in solidifying 4 essential building blocks of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Control 

  • Empathy

  • Relationship Management


Supplemented to an existing corporate wellness program or chosen as a stand-alone service, our three-pronged approach prompts improved human behaviors which positively affect a company’s bottom line.

Our clients include

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